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Just Give is a relatively progressive Charity. We are a Charity that works with Orphans, Widows, the Disabled and the Homeless. We provide Housing, Education, Food and Clothing for people all over the world. The Charity primarily works for the needy in underdeveloped countries; however we still work in areas within UK & Europe where there are a lot of needy children and homeless. The children we have been looking after have either no parents or one parent usually a mother, we do not turn away anyone in need! We strive to save costs so that 100% of your donations can go where they rightfully should. We don't believe in wages or spending excessive money on big events but we do believe in sending money to where it was intended to go, to help the poor. We have a moral duty to children and the homeless all around the world including UK, Europe. This is why we need your help, your dedication and your time!

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  • Our projects

    Currently all our work is in the UK. We are trying to fundraise for the needy and homeless in the UK. We are currently looking to build a single building where we will house the homeless and cater for their mental health issues, drug abuse, and alcohol addiction. We will also provide jobs and work for the homeless so that they can contribute to society. We will soon be drawing plans for this building.

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    About Us

    Our Vision

    Imagine you lost your family overnight. You’re on the streets, no food, no shelter, no one to look after you or you’re needs, there looms the danger of getting abducted and sold on for profit or trafficked destined for slavery. Now imagine on top of all this you were only a 5 year old child. It may seem farfetched, but this is the reality for millions of children around the wold. Our aim at Just Give is to provide children around the world with a safe, clean place they can call home. Our dedication lies in providing them with a good education, sustainable housing, food, shelter and continued support to allow them to thrive. This is just some of our projects. With your continuous support we can achieve our mission to rid austerity, human trafficking, safety for children and widows. Help us in our mission, involved today.

    Our Mission

    Like many charities Just Give is committed to the alleviation of all forms of poverty and deprivation, in all parts of the globe. However, the organisation’s primary focus is on Orphans, Widows, Homeless; often the weakest members of any society, and the most affected by the scourge of poverty We are wholeheartedly committed to improving the lives of the children in our care through education at our community projects, both home and abroad. We believe education is a cornerstone to empowerment and are dedicated to using it to allow street children to become self-sufficient. Help toward alcohol and drug/substance abuse, mental health issues with the homeless. This is the only way they can break out of the poverty cycle. In addition our goal is to construct self-sustaining housing and orphanages around the world, where needy children and the homeless can live safely and without fear. With clever engineering and latest technologies we can now create homes from literally nothing in just 9 months. Sustainability is the key to long term development projects, Heating from ground source, electricity from solar, gas from recycled methane (from human waste) and water from the ground pure and fresh.

    Our Projects

    We are currently looking to build a Single Building where we will House Homeless and Cater for their Mental Health Issues, Drug Abuse, and Alcohol Addiction. We will also Provide Jobs and Work for the Homeless so that they can Contribute to Society. We will soon be drawing plans for this building.

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    Our Process

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